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The Amazing Kevin - Family Magician

Hello, my name is Kevin McGuire, better known as The Amazing Kevin, and I want to thank you for stopping by. I have been performing magic for more than a decade now and I know how hard it can be to find that right entertainer for your child's special day.


I fell in love with magic from about the age of seven and my very first show that I had seen about magic, was a Harry Houdini movie starring Tony Curtis as Houdini. I was taken back by the amazing impact magic can have on one's life.

When I became an adult, I really started to study magic on more of a professional level and started performing for family and friends. Then I came across a children's magician and had a chance to see his show, and it made me realize this is something that I needed to do.

Performing allows me to enjoy life on a different level by providing lasting memories for children, families, and friends. I truly have a love for entertaining others. It's a wonderful feeling to see people laughing and wondering how's that done, and when a child in the front row goes, "It's Magic Duh!" That is priceless.

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