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The Amazing Kevin | Fairfax County | Book a Birthday Party Magician

In a child’s mind, anything is possible. That’s why they love magic so much! As a parent myself. one of my jobs is to encourage kids to keep their childlike wonder. When you inspire a child’s imagination you create the power of inspiration and anything is possible. 

Hi, I’m the Amazing Kevin, a family magician, and I love performing for kids at birthday parties and special events. When you chose me as a kid party magician, you get everything from a 45-minute set to teaching the kids personalized magic trick. So, don’t delay, check out how I can help you throw the best children’s party ever!

Choosing a magician means picking an entertainer that can maintain everyone’s attention for as long as possible. To do that, I provide three excellent packages:

The Basic Show Package 


This is 45 minutes of pure magic that is suitable for children of all ages. Using a variety of comedy, magic, and illusions, I keep the kids in shock and awe. As any parent will see how I hold the attention of the children for 45 minutes some parents will call that magic in itself. But the magic is the memories that I create and how I show the unbelievable is possible. 

The Deluxe Show Package


Parent recommended kid-approved 45-minutes of fantastic magic, Audience participation is also used to ensure the kids and the whole audience are engaged to the very end of the show! The kids also get a range of some extra features that create the power of good measure. These include magic wands, a magic trick they get to keep forever plus I teach everyone magic using the wands. And no magic show is complete without having a real rabbit appear with the help of the birthday child. Can you say Priceless.

The Ultra Show Package


If you want the works were a child is suspended 3 feet off the ground. One on one teaching with costume magic set for the birthday child then this is the package to choose from. In addition to everything from the basic and deluxe shows, If that isn’t enough, the birthday child gets a fifteen-minute private tutorial so that they can learn magic like the pro’s  Who knows? Maybe your child will become the next Penn & Teller. 1 hour of magic and teaching.

Why Else Should I Hire A Party Magician Near Me?

That’s a good question, and very easy to explain: experience. If you’ve ever planned a child’s birthday party before, you’ve probably uttered the words “OMG Why?” That’s because the slightest hiccup can lead to tears, and not only yours!  But your child as well. So be the birthday mom/dad who gets the rock star magic show for their child.  As an experienced entertainer, I know what it takes to bring a children’s event to life with laughs magic and creating memories that will enrich their life. 

With me, you can relax and enjoy the show. Your guests will go home amazed and happy.

How Do I Book The Amazing Kevin?

That’s an even better question, and one with a more straightforward answer. Just go to the “Contact” section of my website and send an email with your questions and queries. Alternatively, you can reserve my services by filling out the short form on the top of this page today. Everything is based on availability so book early to make sure to get your date and time.


To find out more about the illusions I perform, go to my YouTube channel and watch any of my short videos. 

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