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Birthday Magic

If you’ve ever been to a children’s birthday party and you know how one little malfunction can result in a room full of tears or tantrums. Can we say stressed out Mommy and Daddy? Relax, the 3 Golden Rules in helping you throw a children’s party works every time to keep the fun in and the stress out

#1: Keep It Simple



Some parents plan elaborate birthday parties, paramount to a royal function. Not only is this expensive, difficult to coordinate and often chaotic, it’s usually a waste of time. Kids don’t care as much about lavish events as parents do. Successful birthday party include entertainment games and of-course,cake. Some special activities are fun, like a bouncy castle, but keep the party under control by keeping it simple. Kids are just as impressed throwing water balloons about, having a sack race or playing that old fashioned game of musical chairs. Simple activities are easier to control and supervise and are much less likely to cause upset or injury. So keep it simple, safe and fun.

#2: Engage The Masses



One kid playing alone is a ball of energy and motion. Add a few more kids, and they feed off each other, fulling the energy levels and inviting chaos. Trying to get a group of excited, hyper children to sit and eat a hot dog can be a challenging task. However, you can bring the group under control by offering engaging entertainment that will settle them down and focus their attention. A movie is good, but it can be hit or miss if some of the children have already seen it. Live entertainment, however, is always a sure fire winner. Magic tricks that astound and amaze will capture the imagination and keep children riveter to their spots. Puppet shows or clowns that sing and dance can also be good for toddlers and preschoolers. Providing engaging entertainment before the meal and/or birthday cake is the golden rule for the orderly serving of cake and presents

#3: Snack Unwrap And Go!



Have the food before the show, or after the show and gifts for the end of the party. Whether it’s an actual meal of hot dogs or pizza (because you’re keeping it simple), or you are just serving up cake, immediately following the entertainment. Having the children relatively calm makes the meal more enjoyable for everyone and less likely to end up all over the floor. Right after the birthday cake, gifts can be unwrapped. Opening gifts just before the children leave avoids playtime warring, while still allowing every guest to see what treasures hide beneath the fancy paper.

Entertainer arrival

#4: When Should You Have Your Entertainer Arrive ?



The best time to have your entertainer arrive is at the same time as your guests are arriving.

It is a good idea to have the show start 30 minutes after guests arrive.

For example, if the event is at 1:00 you would want the show to start at 1:30.

This does two things, it allows time for the entertainer to set up and also leaves a good amount of time for the other guests to arrive at the event. 


#5: What To Look For When Hiring An Entertainer?



As a parent I get it and understand what it means to create those special moments for your child and loved ones. That is what I would want for my family. Look for a personal connection when talking with your entertainer, are they attentive and answering your questions? 

old enough

#6: Is My Child Old Enough To Enjoy A Magic Show ?



YES, depending on the entertainer. A good entertainer can tailor his show to meet different age ranges to make the event enjoyable and create ever lasting memories for everyone.

The Amazing Kevin | Lorton, VA | Kids Party Tips | Professional Magician

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