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Children's Magician

Win over the guests at your child's next birthday party by hiring The Amazing Kevin, an entertaining children's magician that is parent approved and children recommended.

Magician for Children’s Parties

The Amazing Kevin puts forth the extra attention, going above and
beyond other children's party entertainers by connecting with the kids in his audience on their level, keeping them engaged and in awe for the entire show.

 Childrens Magician for Birthday Parties
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Book a magician for children's birthday parties that captivates the audience and keeps children and adults talking about the show long after it's over. The Amazing Kevin incorporates the kids in his magic act, including them in magic tricks that amaze everybody watching.
Both children and adults alike will be bewildered by every magic trick that is performed throughout the show. Don't miss the chance to book an amazing childrens magician, your guests will be entertained and want more of The Amazing Kevin by the end of the performance.

Magician for Children’s Birthday Parties
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