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  • 45 minutes of Amazing Magic!

  • Live Rabbit!

  • Magic wands for the kids!

  • Magic trick that they get to keep!

  • Magic set for the birthday child with 15 minutes of personalized teaching!

  • Theatrical backdrop sets the stage for the perfect priceless moments!

  • Kodak moments that you will want to share!


The Magic Show EXTRAVAGANZA has
everything to make your child’s birthday a ROCK STAR EVENT! Imagine seeing a child suspended 3 feet off the ground! This theatrical style show will amaze your child and guests! What’s more fun then just being the star of the show? How about learning magic with the amazing Kevin! I include a magic set just for the birthday child and 15 minutes of teaching time! This is exclusively meant for the birthday star and will leave a lasting impression! ” This could start them on the path of becoming the next super star magician”!

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