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Children 2 to 3

magic show with a princess
3 year old birthday party

2 - 3 Year Olds

A two year old is able to grasp the concept of a party and can even be excited about it, especially the birthday hats, blowing out candles, and opening gifts. The birthday child will tire quickly and will want his parents near.

By age three, a child will fully understand the concept of a birthday party. They will have probably attended several and realize a party has fun, gifts, and games. Children at this age are still very immature and constant parental supervision will be necessary.

  • A loosely structured party works best.

  • Children will probably ‘parallel play’ rather than play together.

  • Simple activities such as bean bag toss, follow-the-leader, puppet shows, and simple crafts are appropriate.

  • Most of the guests will need a parent present at the party.

  • Non-competitive games work



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