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If you’re in the Northern Virginia area and are in desperate need of entertainment for your kid’s birthday party, look no further! Yes, there are various forms of amusement that you could book such as a DJ, clown, caricature artist, but no one is as likeable as magicians these days which is why you should veto all the other options and go with me! The Amazing Kevin! I have over a decade of magician experience, and if you pay close attention, you might catch on too.

My love for magic started at the age of seven and I was inspired by the one and only, you guessed it, Harry Houdini. During my early adult years, I studied magic on a more professional level and eventually started performing for my friends and family, until I came across a children’s magic show, where I realized that this is my true passion and calling! I know you’re scrambling around one, two maybe even five or more kiddos throughout your day, and I also understand it can be tough to find the right entertainer for that special day! My love for entertainment and performing give me the pleasure of providing long-lasting memories for children, families, and friends, and there’s nothing I’d rather do then put a smile on your little one's, and your face when I astound you with my gift of entertainment and magic.

Party Packages

I am very dedicated when it comes to my business as a magician. In fact, I’m so dedicated that I am willing to travel a 50-mile radius of the Northern Virginia area, and if you’re further than that, I will do my absolute best to make it work! It’s not every day that you get to have a birthday party magician come in to perform for your kid and for you, because trust me, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that you’ll find funny and amusing! No pun intended.

To keep it simple, The Amazing Kevin offers three separate shows and/or packages that you and your family can choose from based on your needs and desires for the special birthday party that you’re planning!

The Mini Magic Show – Basic Show Package

If you’ve already got a decent amount going on in your kid’s birthday party and you just want them to (magically) settle down for forty-five minutes and enjoy some laughter and magic, then this is the right choice for you! I’ll use a variety of comedy, magic, and illusions in order to shock the crowd and get some laughs going, so make sure you’ve got your camera out for this one!

The Top Hat Magic Show – Deluxe Show Package

Now, we’re taking it up a notch. This show is kid-friendly and offers 45 minutes of astonishing magic just like the prior one, but now we’d like some participation and crowd engagement! From the start to the end, the kids will be interacting with me to do some magic on their own! Of course, magic isn’t possible without a magic wand so they’ll each get one of those where they’ll make a rabbit appear by using it! Your child’s face when they make a bunny appear on its own will be priceless in itself and you’ll be thanking yourself for booking with The Amazing Kevin!

The Magic Show Extravaganza – Ultra Show Package

This is the highest-level show that I offer, as it obtains a few more activities than the other options! Not only do I do tricks and magic for forty-five minutes, but along the way, I’ll use an extra fifteen minutes of show to teach the birthday kiddo a few of my secrets to see if they can pull a fast one on mom and dad! The works include everything that the basic and deluxe shows offered, plus the kids can be suspended in the air, a theatrical backdrop will set the stage for perfect priceless moments, and of course, you’ll get to have the memories of your child possibly becoming the next greatest magical talent!

Contact the Amazing Kevin Today!

If you want endless memories, countless laughs, and plenty of entertainment, then The Amazing Kevin is the right performer for your kid’s next birthday celebration! Not only do I offer three great options for parents and kids to choose from, but every show that I do, I’ll do with more fun and passion than the last! My goal is to shock and awe my crowds, all while bringing enjoyment and laughter in the mix. If you want your child to have the best birthday yet, don’t hesitate to give us a call, because I strive to give you and your family the most magical, priceless moments!






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