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Setting Up The Party

When you are 4 and see magic for the first time
The success of a awesome birthday party

Setting Up The Party Area

Part of the secret to a well organized party is properly

setting up the party area. Start by reviewing your party

schedule and imagine how each of the activities will flow

from one area to the next. Anticipate what you will need in

each area and get these items ready ahead of


Most tables are adult size and too high for small

children to sit at comfortably. To make children size tables

you can use a flat surface such as a door or a folding table

with the legs folded up, placed on top of a base

approximately 20” high

. The base can be crates, boxes, or

an end table, but the items should be the same size to keep

the table from rocking.

You can find inexpensive plastic chairs specifically

designed for children at many discount stores. If you do

not have extra chairs, you can ask your guest to bring child

size chairs from their home.

Have at least two empty trash cans and extra trash bags

as the typical party generates a ton of garbage. Remove the

lids to make it easier for the children to toss the trash in.

You will also need a trash bag nearby when your child is

opening the presents. Don't get upset about spills or

messes as these are bound to happen. Have towels and

cloths placed in several locations to make cleaning up


Prepare your party area

by locking up anything that is

breakable or dangerous. Close off restricted areas and

make it clear that no one is allowed in these rooms. Go

over the entire area with safety in mind. Some of the items

often overlooked in backyard parties are charcoal


fluid, garden chemicals, and gardening tools and


Make sure that all family pets are locked up in different

room and properly taken care of.

Be realistic on how many children will fit in your party

area. A smaller group is easier to keep under control, but

you can compensate for this factor by having extra adult

help during the party.



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