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Surprise Parties

A surprise party can be a lot of fun for older children but can be tricky to plan. Not only do you need to figure out a way to surprise your guest of honor, but you must swear your guests to secrecy as well. This last part is especially hard for kids as they are likely to spill the beans before the big event. However, if you are able to accomplish it, a surprise party will be very memorable for the birthday celebrant.

Here are some tips for a successful surprise party:

  • Be sure the invitation clearly states that the party is to be a surprise and explain your plan for surprising the guest of honor. You will also want to tell the guest what they are supposed to do to help pull this off.

  • Have the guests arrive at least 45 minutes ahead of the guest of honor (nothing spoils a surprise party more than having guests and the birthday child arriving at the same time).

  • It is easier to plan the party at a venue other than the birthday child’s own house. You may want to have the party at a park, a friend’s house, or other location.

  • Line up someone to keep the guest of honor busy on the big day so you can set up the party area.

  • Another way to distract the birthday child is to take him to his favorite restaurant. While the family is eating, a co-host welcomes the guests to your home. When you arrive back at your house, “Surprise!”.

  • All of the guests can gather at the next-door neighbor’s house, then come over in mass and ring the doorbell for a big surprise.

  • Have a video camera set up to capture the exciting moment of the surprise. This will be a timeless memory you will want to keep.

  • Small children may become scared at a surprise party, so this special celebration should be reserved for older children.



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