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Theme Parties

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Making smiles and magic happen

  Every child wants a terrific birthday party, but this doesn’t mean that it has to be extravagant or expensive in order to be memorable and fun. You can have an incredible, creative birthday party by incorporating a theme, especially if it incorporates something your child already enjoys. For example, if your child collects dinosaurs, then a dinosaur party would be a perfect choice. You would then choose decorations, food, and games that would tie in with the dinosaur theme.

The most popular theme parties for children are:

  • Magic Party

  • Race Car Party

  • Tea Party

  • Doll Party

  • Sports Party (The guests dress as their favorite sports hero.)

  • Superhero Party (The children dress up as their favorite superhero.)

  • Backward Party (The children wear their clothes backwards.)

  • Bowling Party

  • Carnival Party

  • Cooking Party (for older children).

  • Construction or Big Truck Party

  • Dance Party

  • Fireman Party

  • Fishing Party

  • Gymnastics Party

  • Ice Skating Party

  • Make-Over Party

  • Mall Party

  • Mermaid Party

  • Miniature Golf Party

  • Movie Theater Party

  • Pirate Party

  • Pizza Party

  • Pool Party

  • Princess Party

  • Roller Skating Party

  • Safari Party

  • Scrapbook Party

  • Harry Potter Party

You can incorporate the theme into part of the party or immerse the theme into the entire party depending on your budget and you and your child’s desires. You can’t go wrong by choosing a theme party as your guests will enjoy it as much as your child.



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