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Tips for Hiring Entertainment

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

It is quite difficult to find the right birthday party entertainer. With the right information you can be your own party planner. I will give you some birthday party ideas, kid’s party ideas and event entertainers. This will help you come up with some great party ideas on your own. Some people find their birthday party entertainment through DJ Services, Party Planners, Event Planning Services, and Entertainment Agencies. You can search many of these through online search engines, and I highly recommend Google for this. Make sure to do a local search as to save money on traveling fees. Many entertainers do charge extra for travel.

DJs provide music as well as entertainers but expect to pay a little more. A disc jockey is a middleman so they will add a fee, making the party entertainment cost much higher. A cool idea is to have a karaoke party for your children; everyone loves to be the star of the party. Disc jockeys also offer dancers, party music, karaoke, party games and fun giveaways to the kids. DJ's have party favors like funny hats, blow up guitars, giant glasses, and glow necklaces. When hiring a party DJ you can find a wide range of prices as well as talent. Another option is Party Bands. They are also fun and are great for outdoor events.

Sometimes you can save money by providing your own party supplies. When it comes to a party for kids you need to do some research. A party supply store has some interesting theme ideas for parties. You can also go online to websites for ideas on a party theme for your party celebration. The best site we’ve found is You can buy special themed party supplies, such as napkins, goody bags, tablecloths, piñatas, and much more.

Clowns for parties are also very popular, but at a children's party they tend to scare some of the younger children, and sometimes a chain reaction enfolds; one child starts to cry, then the rest follow. Be sure to hire a clown that does not wear too much make-up and knows how to properly handle young children as well as older children. Remember, older children may think a clown is silly and boring and may even attempt to harass the clown which will make it hard for the clown to entertain the children. However, clowns do offer a wide variety of party activities. Some party activities a clown offers are magic, face painting, juggling, comedy, stilt walking and balloon sculpturing.

Party magic is the most popular type of entertainment for children’s birthday parties. When you hire a magician ask whether they specialize in children birthday party entertainment. Some magicians work more as corporate entertainers than as a children's birthday party entertainer. Magicians are a great idea for strolling as well; they can go table to table and do magic shows. Look for a magician who offers variety such as magic, comedy, live animals, and giveaways. Also, magicians appeal to people of all ages and a good quality magician will have the birthday child be star of the show. Be sure to let the magician know if you have a shy child because you don’t want the birthday child to be uncomfortable if he or she is selected to participate in a magic trick.

It is vital to have a magician who has many years of experience performing for children. Another thing to consider is what the magician will be wearing to the party. Do they look like a professional magician or like the pizza delivery man?

Another birthday party idea is a caricature artist entertainer. A caricaturist sketches quick comical portrait and makes an excellent kid birthday party entertainment. Caricatures double as a party entertainer and party favor. A family entertainer like a caricaturist is also fun to watch. The caricature artist sketches live at children’s birthday parties. The kids love to see their faces being sketched; after all, watching it happen is half of the fun.

Inflatable rides are another fun idea for a birthday party. Most inflatables can be rented out for the day. Finally, you always have the option of choosing costume characters such as Elmo, SpongeBob, Mickey and Minnie, Spiderman, and many more. Make sure the party agency offers Polaroids with the costumed character. Little girls enjoy princess parties for their birthdays.

If your child’s birthday party date is around the time of any holidays or busy seasons, make sure to call ahead of time to avoid any conflicting appointments. Most children's entertainers require a retainer to reserve a date.



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